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2020 May Be The Year Americans Lose All Liberty Over COVID-19! Will Conservatives Finally Stand Up?

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  1. Americans Freely Giving Up Liberty For COVID-19!

  2. Liberty For Safety Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

  3. A Liberty Free Police State?

  4. I Have Coronavirus Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Americans Freely Giving Up Liberty For COVID-19!

With the Chinavirus, Coronavirus, Wuhanvirus, COVID-19, or whatever you want to call it, taking over the world… Americans have complacently given up some of the most essential and basic liberties under the guise of “public health” and “the greater good”.

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Some states have made rules saying that you are unable to go hiking, fishing, hunting, or go to the park. Others have even banned “non-essential” items from being sold in stores! Michigan even banned your ability to visit your neighbors!!

Kentucky and a couple other states have even gone as far as to create literal snitch lines that you can call to report people who are breaking quarantine! When you call the hotline in Kentucky, this is what you hear:

“By working together and by being good neighbors, we are going to get through this. I want to thank you for calling the COVID-19 reporting hotline. The purpose of this line is to report observations of noncompliance with restrictions on workplace and public gatherings that Kentucky has taken to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and keep your family safe.”

A Liberty Free Police State?

Cute little recording right? However, just when you thought that people reporting to the Gestapo was bad enough; check out this video below! They’re bringing out DRONES now! Drones to monitor you, make sure you aren’t having any gatherings, watching forests, trails, and parks to make sure people aren’t on them, and even taking your temperature.

If this isn’t a police state, I don’t know what is! But it is getting worse people! NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a day or so ago that if people don’t start following the quarantine guidelines when it comes to church? He will close them down permanently! No, I am not making this up! Watch the video below and hear it for yourself!

This is getting bad America! Will you stand up? Will you attend one of these protests coming up to let your governments understand that they cannot continue to take our freedoms away? What will you do? When will enough be enough? Do not wait until it is too late!!

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