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Shots Fired At Washington State Capitol End The Lockdown Rally - What REALLY Happened!

25-year-old Forest Machala had a rough day on December 12th in Olympia Washington, but who said being a hero was supposed to be easy?

According To The "Media"

"Thurston County Superior Court set bail at $50,000 Monday for a 25-year-old Bellingham man who allegedly shot a person during a Saturday protest near the Capitol Campus in Olympia.
State Patrol troopers arrested Forest M. Machala Saturday on suspicion of first-degree assault while armed with a firearm, according to court documents. Machala reportedly attended an event where supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with black-clad, anti-fascist counter protesters.
The shooting occurred at 2:02 p.m. near the intersection of 15th Avenue Southwest and Columbia Street and left a 20-year-old man with serious injuries that required surgery at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia."
At the time of the arrest, Machala reportedly carried a Glock 9mm handgun in a holster on his waist. The gun had a bullet in the chamber and the magazine carried seven additional gold-colored bullets, the trooper wrote. He also carried a second magazine with a full 10 bullets.
On-scene investigators found a blood trail in the grass which led to a pool of blood on the road. Someone had attempted to treat the victim and transported him to Providence St. Peter Hospital, the document read.
Doctors at the hospital reportedly told State Patrol detectives that the victim suffered a single gunshot wound in the abdomen that had entered his back and passed completely through his torso, according to court documents. The injury required several hours of surgery.
Investigators also located an unfired 9mm bullet at the scene that matched the gold color of the bullets found on Machala. They also found a spent .380 caliber casing that was likely discharged from the second weapon at the scene rather than Machala’s weapon.

Now For Some Context And Video:

The day started like a typical weekend in the Pacific Northwest with a small number of Conservatives gathering in an area to rally for something that usually has to do with freedom and liberty, and a considerably larger group of other individuals dressed like ninjas marching to assault them. Saturday, December 12th, 2020 was no different.

The event on the Conservative side was a Toys For Tots campaign.

To which AntiFa took to Twitter as well and responded with this.

The Toys For Tots participants quickly left Target at noon, and some headed to the capitol grounds before the "Anti Fascists" had grouped up. There was already a group of people at the capitol grounds at this time holding an End The Lockdown Rally, and AntiFa marched to confront them. The video below is what happened next.

After this altercation, Olympia Police and Washington State Patrol came on scene and AntiFa moved to the East. AntiFa then moved a couple blocks to the north, then back west again in an attempt to flank the officers and get onto the capitol grounds where the Conservatives were attempting to have their rally.

During their first attempt to get to the capitol, there was a lone individual that was attempting to film what was happening who was confronted by what is affectionately known as: "The Umbrella Brigade"

AntiFa does not appreciate people filming them for two fairly obvious reasons.

  1. Always Committing Crimes

  2. No Picture, No Proof

Shortly after this little altercation, they moved north again then promptly moved to the west where they were met with another line of Olympia PD and Thurston County Sheriffs Office Deputies.

The First Time Forest Is Filmed

As AntiFa moved to the south towards the capital grounds once more, they found a parking lot that was full of vehicles that some of the Conservative rally goers parked there. AntiFa began smashing windows and bashing the vehicles in the lot. Some of the Conservatives saw this from on top of the hill and ran down the street to get their vehicles out of there. This is what happened next:

As you can see here, Forest was down on the street backing away from the main group of AntiFa. Reports that I have gotten was that the group that ran down chased off a group of AntiFa who was smashing the vehicles.

After this encounter where one of the Conservatives were arrested (I do not know what for) AntiFa quickly marched to the north and onto the capitol grounds with no resistance from any law enforcement whatsoever. They then regrouped, and marched towards the few remaining Conservatives that remained near the War Memorial.

The Conservatives were blocked from retreating any further by a line of Washington State Patrol officers who quickly started to order everyone to disperse once AntiFa was engaged with throwing rocks, water bottles, paint balloons, and other projectiles that you can see in the footage below.

As everyone on the Conservative side was at this point trying to flee the area, and with no resistance from law enforcement whatsoever, AntiFa quickly moved in an attempt to head everyone off. A couple brave souls stood up to the mob in an attempt to slow them down long enough for people to get their vehicles out of the parking lot and evacuate the area. They did not know, or understand, what they were getting themselves into.

This is when Forest Machala saved a life. In the first video here, I will be explaining what exactly happened from multiple angles.

In this next video you will see the second (AntiFa) shooter.

We do not know exactly what the second shooter was shooting at, but from all angles it appears he might have been taking a pot shot at a fleeing vehicle.

What Do You Think?

Was Forest Machala justified in this shooting? I believe he was. In the video where I am explaining what is happening, right before I put it in slow motion, you can see a hammer coming towards the woman with the red hat. AntiFa has been known to use deadly force on Conservatives for the last 5 years with guns, knives, bike locks, and even improvised explosives. A hammer is just par for the course.

Forest, more than possibly, PROBABLY saved her life.

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