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Raeona Coleman – The Incredibly Brave Woman Who Walked Into The Middle Of A Riot To Stand Up F

Raeona Coleman – The Bravest Woman In Portland

Raeona Coleman – The night of June 30th was yet another night of political violence in Portland Oregon. It was the 34th consecutive nights of protesting and previously in the week; protesters marched down her street and attempted to assault the North Precinct. They set fires in the neighborhood, looted a thrift store, broke into a couple of banks, and more.

But on the night of the 30th, Raeona had had enough! Protesters started the evening at the Portland Police Association Building where they shouted, held signs, blocked traffic, threw bottles and more at the officers, and built a fire in the middle of the road. In the video below, you will see Raeona attempting to get her message, and her justified frustration, through to the crowd.

As you can see from the video, she was met with a lot of resistance. But that doesn’t even come close to dampening her resolve. In the following video, we interview her and ask her some serious questions about what she feels the movement is about, how to actually help, and plans moving forward.

This woman has shown incredible bravery! Not just because she walked into the middle of a riot, trying to get through to people who were not having any of it, but also because she took the time to talk to us and tell her story. It takes a lot of courage to do what she has done. Do you have what it takes? Can you grab a group of friends and try to stand up for what is right like she did?

In a political climate where Officers are always being overly scrutinized, this is beyond refreshing. Raeona Coleman went above and beyond for her community. The city of Portland has been rocked by violent protests for more than 35 days now, and there is no sign of stopping. Portland has a new police chief as a result of the Black Lives Matter protests. Chief Chuck Lovell gave his first public statement after the initial assault on the north precinct.

On June 26th, the protesters attempted to block the entrance to the Justice Center where police were monitoring the situation via cameras. As you can see in the video below, the police let them get away with quite a lot.

It is important to note that there are some people out there who actually have a genuine desire to make things better. Not just for the black community, but for the entire country itself. The media does a good job attempting to paint a picture of “Us vs Them”. But, as you can see in the video below, there can be some dialogue and even some common ground! The video below happened during a Juneteenth March out of Vancouver Washington where they marched onto I5 and closed the freeway down. After the march, there was some conversation and real talk!

Do you think the local media covered these conversations? No! Clark County Today only wrote this:

Several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters held an event Friday in downtown Vancouver in observance of Juneteenth. Participants in the event gathered in Esther Short Park before walking together to Interstate 5 and on to the Interstate Bridge, blocking traffic for more than an hour, before returning to the Washington side of the bridge and dispersing.

No mention of the positivity whatsoever! If we had more people like Raeona Coleman and these guys? This world would be a much better place! Raeona Coleman needs to be heard everyone! Share this far and wide! Help make Raeona Coleman be the next guest on Tucker or Hannity!


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