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Thousands Show Up At Washington State Capitol Protest Demanding Their Freedom Back!

Thousands of Washingtonians from all over the state converged upon Olympia Washington demanding that the quarantine stay-at-home lockdown be ended on Sunday. Their biggest demand was to allow people to get back to work! Along with that, however, you also had people demanding public lands be reopened, re-opening hunting and fishing throughout the state, and ending some of the other nonsensical closures that have hindered the public and everyday life.

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Safety For Liberty Bubble-free stickers

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According to Reuters:

Police estimated the crowd at 2,500, making it one of the largest protests in U.S. states against lockdowns over the past week. In Olympia, hundreds gathered in close quarters on the steps of the capitol building and around a fountain, contravening state and federal health guidelines during the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Shutting down businesses by picking winners and losers in which there are essential and non-essential are violations of the state and federal constitution,” rally organizer Tyler Miller, 39, an engineer from Bremerton, Washington, and a Republican precinct officer, told Reuters.

Even though people are getting their stimulus checks, they want to get back to work! Back to some sort of normalcy instead of being placed under house arrest over a virus that effects so few.

The description on the Facebook event for the Capitol reads as follows:

On April 19, 1775, Patriots responded to the call to defend liberty in Lexington, Massachusetts. They showed up in force, but they showed up to defend, nothing more. Suddenly, the “shot heard round the world” rang out and the American Revolutionary War had begun. As we celebrate the 245th Anniversary of this event, we find ourselves once again needed to respond to the call to defend our liberty and our Constitution. Article 1, Section 4 of the Washington State Constitution specifically states that the right of the people to peaceably assemble “shall never be abridged.” Nothing – absolutely nothing – allows this, or any other, provision of the Constitution to be suspended. We cannot tolerate this attack on our liberties to go without a response. We will also have petitions available to sign to defend our 2nd Amendment rights and to repeal the Comprehensive Sex Ed bill. I know that there are many out there that will call this effort foolish – even reckless. There are some that will claim to believe in the constitution, yet they will also claim that the government’s actions, in this case, are justified. Or they will claim that now is not the time to have this fight. I simply and firmly disagree. If we assent to this violation, even for a short time, then we are assenting to future violations, more egregious and indefinite in their scope. We will be, in as real a sense as is possible, forging the chains of our own servitude. I am unwilling to remain idle while that happens, so long as I have the ability to resist it. Let me be perfectly clear – I am NOT calling on people to be dismissive of the threat that the virus poses. I am NOT asking people to disregard the recommendations of the CDC and other health professionals. As much as is practical we will practice prudent distancing and PPE measures. Also, if you’re feeling sick or know you’ve been exposed, or if you’re in a high-risk category, please consider not attending. What I AM asking, is that the public servants in our government recognize the limits placed upon them by our constitutions. One final note, and Governor Inslee this is directed squarely to you – I pledge to call for cancelation of these protests if you will immediately rescind your stay at home Proclamation and revise all of your other proclamations in this crises to acknowledge and reflect the fact that you have no authority whatsoever to place restrictions on the constitutional freedoms of the citizens of Washington State. Unless and until you do, I will continue to call for these protests and for them to grow.

Media Of The Olympia Protest

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