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Watch: AntiFa – Who They Are And What They Do

AntiFa – What About Them?

After Bill Barr was accosted on Capitol Hill by House Democrats the other day, and the plethora of leftist politicians and mainstream media outlets either excusing AntiFa, or even going as far as outright denying their existence; I felt that it was time to explain exactly what AntiFa really is.

In the video below, I talk about their organization, their networking, their history, and their capabilities. I give real life examples, footage, and a plethora of other evidence about every fact I talk about.

I have been filming these far left activists since early 2015 during the first Black Lives Matter riots. I have watched them evolve and grow into the mobs that they are today. For those who may not know, AntiFa is not a new group or organization. They have been around for a long time. They often boast about stemming from the Communist Bolsheviks that would go out and fight the Nazi Brownshirts. Many of them see themselves as doing the exact same thing today. The problem however, is that there aren’t actual Nazis for them to actually battle. So what do they do? They aim for the other massive enemy to Communism and Marxism; Conservatism.

Conservatives, and their fellow right-wingers, believe in the principles of freedom, liberty, and equality of opportunity. These principles are not compatible with their ideology of total government control and they will physically oppose anyone who speaks against them.

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Videos Used As Examples In This Video Below:

Joey Gibson, Tiny, And Pete Attacked In Berkeley

Vehicles Being Attacked By MS13 In Berkeley

AntiFa Sucker Punch And Pepper Spray

Slashed Tires At UDub

Me Being Bloodied By AntiFa

My Reporter Being Stabbed By AntiFa


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