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WATCH: NY Health Inspector Attempts To Force His Way Into Gym To Enforce Shutdown Order!

Watch Now! Columbia County New York – Club Life Gym In Valatie NY, near Albany, decided that it was time to reopen their doors and to defy the shutdown orders of the governor. Club Life owner Alex Rosenstrach told us on a phone call before sending us the video you are about to see, that it was time to stand up against the tyranny of the shutdown. To stop allowing people’s fear dictate other people’s freedom. He also said as much to local news agencies for the past week or so leading up to him opening his doors.

“For me, it’s bigger than this gym; it’s bigger than anything I’m feeling inside; this is more of a civil rights thing for me!”
The owner says they are making sure the equipment stays clean & sanitized. Cardio machines are roped off to keep a 6ft distance. The owner says the restrictions to keep his business closed is an infringement on his rights- and the rights of those who are healthy. @SPECNewsAlbany pic.twitter.com/xuGSmReyHy — Melissa Steininger (@melissasteinTV) May 12, 2020

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo was asked about this gym in particular and he responded by telling the reporter that it was up to the local governments to “enforce the law” that is his order.

After Governor Cuomo stated this, Code Enforcement Officer Wayne Voss, showed up at the gym and gave them this notice.

And today, as you will see from this exclusive video, the health inspector came back and attempted to force his way into the gym.

This is beyond overreach right here! This is literally unbelievable! The government has completely gone off its rails with absolute tyranny. Over a virus! As I have stated in multiple videos, it is TIME for BRAVE Americans to stand up like Alex has and stop allowing peoples FEAR dictate others FREEDOM!

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