• Robert R Zerfing

Watch: Washington Police Officer In Trouble For Putting Out Video Telling Fellow Officers To Follow

Officer Greg Anderson from the Port Of Seattle Police Department has been put on administrative leave after putting out the following video telling his fellow officers to stand up for their oath to the Constitution. Watch his original video below!

Since he has made this video, he has put out another video talking about being put on administrative leave. Truly heartbreaking!

A GoFundMe has been created to help his family during this tribulation that this brave officer and family has to go through. Please donate!

Officer Greg Anderson was placed on administrative leave, waiting to be fired for merely posting a video that urged his fellow officers to honor their oath and defend the rights of the communities they are employed to protect. When his superiors demanded that he remove the video or be fired, he took the courageous stand to leave the message up. Officer Anderson is an Army Ranger veteran, and has 3 young children and a wife that depend on his income. We cannot let this courageous patriot suffer for honoring his oath to the Constitution, and being resolute in his commitment to protect the Constitutional rights of his community. The only tool tyrants have is the blind obedience of those they employ to enforce their edicts, it is time we band together and take that tool away. Let’s support Officer Anderson for his brave resolve, and send a message that we will not tolerate law enforcement officers being persecuted for faithfully carrying out their oath to the Constitution. These funds will be made available directly to Officer Anderson and his family for any purpose they see fit, whether that be buying food, paying off debts, or even relocating for other employment. Let’s make sure he’s taken care of.

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